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Have a furniture piece that needs some help? We love custom work!



We are The Industrial Cottage. My husband Quentin and I,  and 6 kids. Well, sort of 2 sets of 3!

3 older ones, a big gap, then 3 younger ones. As you can see from all the ages, genders, and races, we have our own special brand of crazy. and I LOVE it! Quentin and I have always been very entrepreneurial. We are both fearless, which is not always a good thing! 

The industrial Cottage was born in  2005 as a high end baby bedding manufacturer. I sewed my fingers off to get our products into retail stores across the country. Then in 2007 when the economy tanked and all the little specialty stores were going out of business, we made the hard choice to take a step back and regroup. We relocated to Virginia Beach to be near family and took a few years to get settled. During that time, we fostered and adopted 3 more kids! Insert a few crazy years here!

Then we found Furniture!!

It is truly my passion and love. I love taking good quality pieces, that just need a little love, and updating, and turning them into something beautiful that people will love all over again.

We are a family run business... Quentin, me  and both my parents. We are grateful to all of you for your love and support, and we really excited to see what the future homes!thank you for following us on the journey!!

the warehouse

We have 8000 square feet of beautiful warehouse, loaded with vintage furniture. You can shop shelves of furniture, pick your piece, and design it all in one place!